Teaching Yoga to Kids

Taught by Vera Ginsburgs
Wake Up Yoga South
Saturday, April 21st & Sunday, April 22nd
10am – 6pm each day
Tuition: $350 + $10 materials; $300 + $10 materials if by 3/29

As adults, we know the value of yoga-increase flexibility, improved focused, enhanced self-awareness, and stillness of mind. Teaching yoga to children allows them to develop these positive relationships with their bodies and minds as well as creating healthy coping skills that will serve them through life. Yoga can help children learn to manage frustration, expand their emotional expression, improve impulse control, develop a keener sense of their body’s function, and have fun! This workshop will teach you the developmental stages of children, both physically and emotionally, to allow you to safely navigate a yoga class for children that fuels their imagination and teaches them valuable skills that can serve them both on and off the mat. Learn more and register.