Teaching Yoga to Kids with Vera Ginsburgs

Wake Up Yoga South
Teacher: Vera Ginsburgs
Friday, April 20th * 6 – 9pm
Saturday, April 21st * 10am – 5pm
Sunday, April 22nd * 10am – 5pm
Tuition: $350 + $10 materials fee
Early registration: $300 + $10 materials fee if by 3/29/2018

As adults, we know the value of yoga-increase flexibility, improved focused, enhanced self-awareness, and stillness of mind. Teaching yoga to children allows them to develop these positive relationships with their bodies and minds as well as creating healthy coping skills that will serve them through life. Yoga can help children learn to manage frustration, expand their emotional expression, improve impulse control, develop a keener sense of their body’s function, and have fun! This workshVera Nadia treeop will teach you the developmental stages of children, both physically and emotionally, to allow you to safely navigate a yoga class for children that fuels their imagination and teaches them valuable skills that can serve them both on and off the mat. Our goals will be: To identify ways to sequence a class, in order to keep the children engaged and focused; To appropriately teach yoga poses in a more kid friendly and developmentally appropriate way; To creatively expose children to pranayama (breath control) and meditation so they can develop self-control, self-regulation and relaxation skills; To use games, themes, and art tasks appropriate for their age level; To work within the context of the teaching environment and make informed choices about what and how to teach elements of yoga philosophy and practice; To incorporate yoga practices in day to day life to help children manage frustration, sleep better, develop physical coordination and have fun! This training is appropriate for everyone interested in teaching yoga to children in a formal environment or simply for fun.

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