Stephanie Rubinetti

stephRubinettiStephanie first began her journey into yoga at Wake Up Yoga South in 2010. She was looking for a way to manage stress and calm her ever-racing mind, when a co-worker suggested she come to yoga practice. Upon beginning a regular weekly practice, she immediately noticed the positive effects in her body and her mind. Decreased stress levels, much more patience, less rigidity in her muscles, and more flexibility in her attitude to boot!

As she developed a consistent practice over the years, Stephanie saw vast improvements in her physical health, including much better digestion and more satisfying sleep, as well as an overall feeling of wellness and “Okay-ness”. She even started feeling more emotionally flexible and found she could open up to herself and to others with greater ease. These profound changes lead her to complete the 250 hour Foundational Yoga Teacher Training Program at Wake Up Yoga in 2017, under the loving guidance of her yoga teachers and mentors, for whom she is incredibly grateful.

Stephanie believes that the time spent on the yoga mat is truly invaluable! She hopes to offer students a safe space to expand and uncover who they really are, while allowing their bodies to surrender and release tension through gentle movements linked with breath awareness. Forever a student, Stephanie is always learning and very humble to be a part of this beautiful community, and is excited to share in all the healing benefits of yoga together!