Soften Info Summer: A Yin & Restorative Yoga Immersion

Taught by Felicia Graham Comisar
Wake Up Yoga South
Sunday, July 15th * 1 – 4pm
Tuition: $50; $40 if by 6/29

Join us for a three hour workshop where you will lean into the uncomfortable and then melt into the sweet. We often react to discomfort, anxiety or fear as if we are in physical danger. A long time ago that served us well for survival. But today, in this life, it might be immensely healing and uplifting to view and experience those sensations as simply new information without the need to prepare to fight. It could start with allowing yourself to experience this exact moment as it is, without any need to define it, explain it or deny it. Just like life, this workshop will provide you with the chance to acknowledge what is uncomfortable, scary or stuck. Yin places the body in shapes that open up the connective tissue, that remind us that there is sweetness in being open and honest, and that pain is not a punishment. Finding your way in a practice without judgements can be an experience that connects you with your sweet heart and your physical strength. It takes strength to be still with discomfort and you might find you have more of that than you knew. From there you will add bolsters and create shapes to cradle the body. The tension of stress hides out in the body. This practice requires a different kind of strength – patience. These poses invite the breath to deepen as well as expand. This chance to soften with what you find and feel can reveal to you the depths of ease available to you when you release and relax with what you discover. Fear, discomfort, and pain are not who you are but something that you experience.