Slowga: Slow-Motion Yoga for Subtle Observation & Internal Transformation

Taught by Elliot Polinsky and Sarah Kowalski
Wake Up Yoga Rittenhouse
Saturday, January 27th * 1 – 4pm
Tuition: $55; $45 if by January 11th

We all have habits: ways of holding our bodies in the world, loops of thought that stick like songs in our heads, stories rooted so deeply we barely notice as we tell them softly to ourselves. The daily-ness of life carries momentum; and sometimes, even during yoga, we may catch ourselves mulling through those same patterns, or tweaking that same creaky joint, in the same way, again and again. In this workshop we will slow way down, moving breath and body so gradually that habitual momentum fades and full attention can orient toward the continuously opening present. Elliot and Sarah will guide you through an asana practice (physical yoga) designed to help you move joints safely and well while making space for a close observation of self. To help direct awareness, we will draw on the yogic concept of the koshas (an intuitive way of comprehending body, breath, mind, and consciousness) as well as that of the rasas (a system for comprehending the experience of perceiving emotion). Expect to move slowly through accessible (though sometimes surprising) motions, led by two experienced teachers who offer supportive imagery and directed metaphors to guide you through a curious, cathartic, ultimately grounding self-inquiry. Learn more and register here.