Reiki + Yoga Workshop

With Sean Jacobs
Wake Up Yoga South
Sunday, June 10th * 1 – 3:30pm
Tuition: $40; $30 if by 5/24

Set your intention and let the energy flow! Community Reiki clinic meets Yoga in this innovative workshop. With a focus on healing, you’re guided through a series of grounding yoga poses all supported with a relaxing group Reiki treatment. Through stillness and breathing we’ll focus on releasing any blockages in the body. The hard work in this course is in letting go of what you’re holding on a deeper level. The dynamic of the group setting allows the Reiki energy to become amplified for everyone’s benefit. As you settle in for each Yoga pose the instructor will come around the room, one student at a time and offer a brief Reiki treatment. Students tend to experience a tremendous positive shift in their overall energy system and often times a physical realignment of some sort as they leave the class. Learn more and register.