Professional Development: Welcoming Pregnant Women in Open Levels Classes

Taught by Kate Howell
Wake Up Yoga Rittenhouse
Saturday, March 3rd * 2 – 5pm
Tuition: $60

Too often, when it comes to physical exercise, we consider pregnancy a liability or at best a limitation. If we search the internet, we may become overwhelmed by contradicting information or paralyzed by long lists of precautions about yoga and pregnancy. But the truth is, that when approached mindfully and humbly, the physical yoga practice empowers a pregnant woman with the strength, confidence, and patience she needs to birth her baby. Can a woman continue to attend regular yoga classes throughout her pregnancy? Absolutely! But that doesn’t mean it will be “business as usual.” There are ways to modify the yoga practice to accommodate mom’s changing body, and to create space (both mental and physical) to be filled up by her growing baby. This workshop is designed for yoga teachers and pregnant women interested in attending open classes throughout pregnancy. We will explore safe modifications of traditional yoga postures, learn accessible variations of contraindicated poses, and test our knowledge by teaching one another various modifications. Students will come away with a basic understanding of the stages of pregnancy including common discomforts and conditions associated with each stage, an experiential appreciation for the challenges of practicing yoga in a pregnant body (yes, we will practice with “baby bellies!”), and a one-page quick reference of guidelines for pregnant women in open classes to have on hand in your teaching journal or yoga mat bag. Register.