Practicing with an Open Heart: A Yin & Restorative Immersion

Taught by Felicia Graham Comisar
Wake Up Yoga Rittenhouse
Saturday, February 17th * 12:30 – 3:30pm
Tuition: $50; $40 if by 2/1

Endless responsibilities, tasks, problems, and things that absolutely need your time and energy – we all have those lists. This state of running from one thing to another creates a disconnection in and with our bodies. We choose not to listen to the urge to pause, savor or even fully experience our joys or sorrows. This immersion is a pause, a break, a conscious placing down of all that so you can come to your mat. This is a time to practice accepting with an open heart. This is an opportunity to connect with your strength, gently. This practice is challenging and incredibly rewarding. You will come down to your mat and move into shapes that you can sink into to stretch deeply. The yin shapes increase pressure or compression in one area while expanding and opening another. In the transitions from shape to shape you may become aware of something that you’ve been too busy to sense. It is in the conscious choice to slow down and open up to knowing that we become aware. In the community of other sweet souls you can let it all be, the easy and the challenging sensations, ideas or feelings. Then adding bolsters and more blankets you will create softer shapes. Bringing the floor up to meet the body, covering yourself with a blanket or scarf, you can rest. You can listen to the readings or music offered or dive deeper into the sounds and sensations of you. Perhaps some moments becoming a chance to connect with the sweet rhythm of your breath or heart.

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