Corporate Yoga

What better way to de-stress and get moving at the office than a yoga break? Whether it’s a weekly class for your employees or a one-time relaxation session during a conference, yoga helps to reduce stress, increase focus, and boost energy. All you need to provide is the space and the participants.

Here’s how it works:

    • Classes take place in a conference room, an office, or a fitness facility: wherever your company has adequate space

Classes are tailored to any number of students: from small or large groups, to individual sessions for busy corporate executives

  • Sessions may be offered before the work day begins, over the lunch hour, or after work; they can be as short as a 45 minute relaxation session, or a comprehensive 60 or 75 minute yoga practice
  • Conference events, introductory classes, corporate retreats and private, individual or group classes at one of our studios are also available

Contact Alane at or at 215-235-1228 to discuss how Wake Up Yoga can design classes for you and your work colleagues.