Office Yoga Training

Location: South Philadelphia
Teacher: Lauren Coles
Friday, May 5th * 6 – 9:30pm
Saturday, May 6th * 8am – 5pm
Sunday, May 7th * 8am – 5pm
Early registration tuition: $395 + $20 materials fee if by April 5th
Tuition: $450 + $20 materials fee

Curious about teaching yoga in a corporate setting? The goal of this training is to give yoga teachers the tools to bring yoga into corporate offices that may not have the ideal space, or the ideal students. We will review the needs of today’s office worker, and review sequences that can be done at a desk, conference table, open space, and more. Students of this training program will leave with a renewed sense of confidence and entrepreneurial spirit. Many yoga teachers are weary of entering the world of corporate yoga because they may not have personal experience working in this kind of setting. They will learn how to help their future students de-stress from a long day at the office, and be able to bring wellness through office yoga. Register here.