Memorial Day Weekend Schedule

Enjoy the beginning of summer at Wake Up Yoga!
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Wake Up Yoga Fairmount
Friday, May 26th

6:00am Sunrise Flow w/Bridgette
9:30am Invigorating Flow w/Katy
6pm Playful Flow w/Asha

Saturday, May 27th
8am Slow, Steady & Sweet w/Ashley
10am Focused Flow w/Stephanie

Sunday, May 28th
10am Mindful Flow w/Ashley
4pm Yin Yoga w/Deb
5:45pm Empower Flow w/ Deb

Monday, May 29th
9:30am Vitality Flow w/ Jamila

Wake Up Yoga South

Friday, May 26th
9:30am Vitality Flow ($7) w/Felicia
12noon Mindful Flow w/Maggie
6pm Mindflow Flow w/Kate

Saturday, May 27th
8am Mindful Flow w/Kate
10am Prenatal w/Kate
10am Invigorating Flow w/Kiran
4pm Playful Flow w/Bernie

Sunday, May 28th
9am Yin Yoga w/Elisa
10:45am Mindful Flow w/Vera

Monday, May 29th
9:30am Mindful Flow w/Sarah

Wake Up Yoga Rittenhouse

Friday, May 26th
9:30am Empower Flow w/Maggie
12pm Playful Flow w/Asha
4:30pm Donation class w/Jen
6pm Invigorating Flow w/Tracy

Saturday, May 27th
10am Invigorating Flow w/Elliot

Sunday, May 28th
10am Focused Flow w/Sonni
5:45pm Candlelight Flow w/Brooke

Monday, May 29th
9:30am Invigorating Flow w/Ashley (full price)