Luminous Friday Retreat with Corina Benner

Wake Up Yoga Rittenhouse
Friday, November 24th * 11am – 3pm
Tuition: $99; $90 if by 11/9

Celebrate the bounty of your life. Count your blessings discovering how enRICHed you truly are. Feel the wellspring of gratitude bubbling up from the depths of your soul as, with wonder and awe, you feel into the rare and precious treasure of being alive … being human … and having the capacity to experience love. Connect with the effulgent, sorrow-less light that illuminates from within and Shine Your Heart Out! On the day after Thanksgiving, instead of venturing anywhere near a shopping mall or mega-store, roll out your yoga mat and connect with wholeness and enough-ness, coming to abide in a place of harmony and ease: the state in which you are missing nothing. We will practice Yin, Vinyasa and Restorative Yoga, along with pranayama, meditation and chanting. Some healthy snacks will be provided, and the afternoon will end with a light reception. The afternoon will help you digest your Thanksgiving experience, and prepare you to launch into the Year End Celebrations feeling calm, centered and connected with your true Self. Learn more and register here.