Liz DiFebo

Liz began her exploration of yoga shortly after moving to Philadelphia ten years ago, curious what it had to ofLizDiFebo.seatedfer physically. Soon after her first few classes, she was fascinated by the rich history of the practice as well as its potential to truly change lives. After moving to South Philly, she began to practice at Wake Up Yoga and was inspired by the breadth of knowledge shared by the teachers as well as the warm, welcoming environment.

She continued her practice while returning to graduate school for physical therapy, and her education on and off the mat firmly rooted her belief that movement is medicine, mobility is a precious gift, and that both longevity and vitality are rooted in keeping mind and body active and engaged. She believes that yoga is for everybody and every body, and that people of all abilities can benefit from the practice. Liz completed Wake Up’s teacher training in 2017 and is honored and thrilled to share her love of yoga with her students, aiming to create a class that’s both lighthearted and supportive, upbeat and illuminating.