Justine Pileggi, L.Ac.

Justine Pileggi, L.Ac. has been primarily trained in both Five Element and Traditional Chinese Medicine styles of acupuncture, and has particular interests in channel theory and classical acupuncture. She is constantly striving to enrich her knowledge and fine tune techniques so that each individual receives the most appropriate level of treatment. justine_pileggi
As an acupuncturist in the modern world, pain relief is of huge concern. Women’s health issues, reproductive, sexual, emotional, mental, and spiritual, are of great interest to her, as well, with her favorite being the power of acupuncture to help balance and heal the mental/emotional/spiritual axis.
Justine spends most of her time with the people she loves and her 10-year-old son. She is also working towards finishing her Chinese herbal studies to deepen her understanding of Chinese medicine.
Justine lives in the Passyunk Square neighborhood, proudly representing 19148!