Julie Pogachefsky

Julie Pogachefsky received her 200 hour teaching certification from Corina Benner at Wake Up Yoga and her 300 hour PranakriyJulie P seated imagea teaching certification from Yoganand Michael Carroll.  Julie is also certified to teach Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga.

Julie has been offering private yoga sessions since 2002. Teaching out of her house of two years, her business demanded she open a private yoga studio. There she continued to teach  students as well as to teach other teachers how to offer private yoga classes. In 2007 she joined in business partnership with Erica Bleznak and together they opened Jai Yoga, a predominantly private yoga studio. Jai’s private and open class schedules continued to grow.

In 2012 Julie and Erica handed their studio over to one of their teachers. Since then Julie has continued to teach private yoga and has moved deeper into her own practices.