Info Sessions for Wake Up Yoga’s 250 hour Comprehensive Teacher Training Program Scheduled!

If you’re like many curious yoga students, you want to learn more about the path and practice of yoga, including its history and ultimate purpose, while reaping the obvious and measurable results of a consistent, committed practice, and cultivating meaningful friendships with people who share your passion for this path. But you’re not sure if you really want to teach yoga this program has been designed just for you. For the FIRST TIME EVER, Wake Up Yoga is opening up the first semester of our Highly Regarded Yoga Teacher Training Certification Program to students who want to Deepen Their Yoga Practice in a Formal Way. Upon completing the first semester, students decide if they want to continue on to study and practice the craft of teaching yoga. If so, we work together to hone your skills, clarify your vision, find your voice and help you grow into the role of yoga teacher. Either way, everyone will establish a firm foundation on which to build a lifetime of yoga practice.

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