Glitter Goddess Aromatherapy Workshop

hand with colors imageSometimes coming out of Winter can feel as though you are Persephone making her way out of the depths of the underworld. Want to shift  your perspective to one of positive affirmation as we move into welcoming the power of the Spring Equinox?  Then this Goddess Glitter Aromatherapy and Yoga workshop is for you. We’ll work through a juicy and heart opening yoga practice, which will include aromatherapy. From there will be the opportunity to move through the elements at several “stations”: where you will create your own aromatherapy blend to take with you, adorn your beautiful face with glitter, throw the habits that no longer serve you into the “fire” and plant new intentions that cast you into Spring with an idea of what you would like to cultivate in the coming months. Come prepared with a notebook; the rest of the materials will be provided. Jennifer Nehila looks forward to seeing you there!

Awakening the Goddess with the Spring Equinox
Wake Up Yoga South
Taught by Jennifer Nehila
Sunday, March 19th * 12:30 – 4:30pm
Tuition: $54

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