Giva Wilkerson

GivaA proud and strong advocate for “empowerment” over “improvement”, Giva “G. Ann” Wilkerson embraces yoga as a tool for personal growth, clarity and acceptance. An educator, writer and personal counselor by trade, she has added yoga to her scope of self-love vehicles.

A self-proclaimed “wanderer”, Giva came to yoga out of sheer curiosity and was immediately drawn in by the calming, cleansing and rejuvenating effects of the practice. A confessed perfectionist, she leaves her expectations off the mat and instead embraces her practice as is, a philosophy she encourages her students to take as well.

A graduate of the 2018, 250-hour, Yoga Teacher Training at Wake Up Yoga, Giva teaches “Vitality Flow” and places great emphasis on body awareness and the connection between breath and movement. Her goal is for her students to leave class more empowered, relaxed, self-aware… and happy.