Getting Intimate with Ayurveda: Ayurveda 101

Wake Up Yoga Rittenhouse
Taught by Dr Vishnu Aragona
Sunday, March 4th * 10am – 4pm
Tuition: $95; $85 if by February 15th

Ayurveda, in many of the introductory resources, seems like a type-yourself-then-live-by-these-rules sort of practice. This is almost exactly the opposite of what practicing Ayurveda is. For myself, and hundreds of my clients, it’s an individualized awareness that we have built, which guides our day-to-day decision making. Decisions on what to eat, whom to spend time with, when to wake up, what kind of music or exercise, or anything that is a choice about what kind of energy is coming into my life that day. If you are curious about how Ayurveda could be applied in your life, come join me in a small group setting for an interactive introduction to Ayurveda. Learn more and register here.