Designing a Life of Holistic Wellness

Taught by Rina Patel
Wake Up Yoga Rittenhouse
Tuesday, July 17th * 6:30 – 8:30pm
Tuition: $30; $20 if by 6/28

Inspired by Rina’s journey of rebalancing her hormones, experimenting with different foods, and exercises, you will have the opportunity to walk away with actionable steps to create more alignment in all parts of your life whether it is related to your mental or physical well-being. Part discussion based and part teaching, you will learn how to know more about what may or may not be working for you and your body as well as ways to get your diet and wellness activities back on track. There will not be yoga practices during this workshop. However, you will have the opportunity to engage in dialogue, share your own journey and expect to walk away with the following:

The science and inner workings of your body through a deeper knowledge of how stress may be affecting it

Meditation and breathing technique that will you release stagnant energy

How to heal parts of yourself that may be holding you back from creating alignment

Exercises and diet resources & tips that will bring you back on track

Practical resources and calendars to track your progress and ensure you are taking the best care of yourself