Breathing, Yamuna Body Rolling & Yoga

Breathing, Yamuna Body Rolling & Yoga with Heather Marie MillerhmYamunaPromo
Wake Up Yoga South
Saturday, May 6th * 12:30 – 3:30pm
Tuition: $45; $35 if by 4/20

Often, we start yoga classes by observing the breath. Perhaps we participate in breathing practices. Then, as we move in to asana, we can lose track of the breath. Other times, we feel how the breath is transformed and freed by our yoga practice. We feel how the breath connects the mind and body as one. In this workshop, we will strengthen breath awareness and mindfulness by observing and directing how the breath moves, using Yamuna Body Rolling balls and asana. This practice includes learning self-myofascial release and self-compassion. By practicing movements, breath work, and asana using the balls, the mind and body work as one to break through deeply held physical pain and emotional tension. In addition, one’s ability to use and direct the breath outside of yoga practice to cope with everyday tensions will be enhanced. During this workshop, we’ll start with breath work and pranayama, and then learn to use the Yamuna balls to free and direct the breath. We’ll learn some Yamuna Body Rolling routines to free the spine, hips, and legs. You’ll then feel how the balls can enhance your experience of asana, and to learn about where restrictions are and how to free them. Included will be some yin yoga poses, and short sequences of vinyasa yoga. You’ll finish with an enhanced version of savasana, leaving you lighter and brighter, and more in touch with your breath, mind, and body – as one. Come to free the breath, direct the breath, and to deepen asana. Then, take with you, the awareness of how to use the breath every day to ease stress and tension, and to relieve pain.

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