Ashley Rathman

Ashley first started practicing yoga on and off during her senior year as an undergrad, enjoying the calm the practice provided in both her body and mind. After moving to Philadelphia in 2013, she began a consistent practice, hoping to find solace and santosha (contentment) after life threw a few curveballs her way. She was amazed to find clarity, inner strength, and the sense of community she had been searching for. In 2017, she completed the 250 Hour Foundational Wake Up Yoga Teacher Training Program under the guidance of Corina Benner. She is grateful to Corina and her mentors Felicia Graham Comisar, Nicole McLane, Laura Edoff, and Stephanie Berliner for their love and support along the path.

Ashley hopes to instill a sense of empowerment in the students she teaches (both on their mat and off) by encouraging them to meet their edges with compassion and awareness. Being a classroom teacher, she understands the importance of a creative and well-planned class. Much like the students she teaches in her classroom, Ashley hopes that the students she teaches in the yoga studio leave with a feeling of capability and strength. Her detailed instruction and dedication to differentiation ensure that all students are able to access what is being offered. She is deeply grateful and humbled to be able to share her love of the practice with others and hopes that the students she teaches are inspired to continue their own path on the journey to their truest Selves.