Ash Brightwell

IMG_8969Ash was introduced to movement based activities when she was very young. Enrolled in baby gymnastics classes at the age of 3 and dance classes at 4, she fell in love with both and continued throughout her life. At age 12 she encountered yoga for the first time via DVD and maintained a home practice off and on in combination with dance training. It wasn’t until studying theatre and dance in college that she took her first yoga class at the campus gym and began to find a deeper meaning in her practice. She continued taking classes at local gyms until she moved to Philadelphia in 2013 and found Wake Up Yoga, the first place she practiced that was dedicated to teaching only yoga. It was here that her practice was able to develop into a practice of body, mind and awareness and the desire to share this experience with others was sparked.

Ash received her 250-hour Foundational Yoga Teacher Certification from Wake Up Yoga in May, 2015 under the guidance and experience of Corina Benner, Felicia Comisar, Julie Pogachefsky, and Tricia Bendik. She is honored to be teaching at the studio that inspired and taught her and is excited to give students the experience that kept her coming back to Wake Up Yoga.

Ash brings a playful, explorative energy to her classes that awakens creativity and brings awareness to the fluidity of movement and breath. When she isn’t teaching or practicing yoga she performs as a hula hoop dancer and enjoys spending time lounging with her cats and dog or lounging with her friends and future husband.