Xandra O’Neill


Xandra first discovered yoga when she was living in Fairmount in 2005. She knew nothing about yoga, was intimidated by the idea of going to a class, and decided to sign up for a private session with Corina Benner at Wake Up Yoga. During that first yoga experience, something shifted in her. She had always avoided exercise and in yoga found something that felt like a natural extension of herself. She signed up for a beginner’s series, and from there her yoga practice grew.

In the years that followed, as she moved back to the suburbs, got married, became a health and wellness coach and a mama, yoga continued to be an important part of her path. She found that she felt her best when she practiced two or three times a week and she discovered in yoga not just a physical exercise practice – yoga became her spiritual home.

After spending years taking classes from teachers including Julie Pogachefsky, Jennifer Nehila, Kayla Fell, and Kate DeRosa Howell, she discovered the common thread that linked them all, and she found her way back to Corina and Wake Up Yoga to complete her 250 hour yoga teacher training in 2015. She has also completed prenatal (with Shiya Furstenau, May 2015) and yin yoga trainings (with Corina Benner, May 2015).

Xandra-wake-up-langdon-001She continues to learn and explore through her own life and practice and she brings that into the safe and sacred space where she teaches, connecting every day experiences to the practice and teachings of yoga.

Xandra has always believed in the power of taking care of ourselves in order to best take care of others, and her yoga practice has shown her that lesson in action as she has watched her family and those around her soak up so much of what she has learned and come to live through yoga.

In addition to teaching, practicing, and immersing herself in yoga, Xandra coaches women along the path of sacred becoming, writes daily, gets to the ocean whenever she can, and spends time with her loving and supportive family – her husband, daughter, and their cat.