Vanessa Jackson


From soccer fields, to basketball courts and derby tracks, Vanessa has never felt more at home than on a yoga mat. The challenge, acceptance and mind body connection kept her coming back to her mat again and again since 2006.  With yoga, you are always practicing. With yoga, you are always a student.

Vanessa Jackson is a 2014 graduate of Wake Up Yoga’s 250 hour Comprehensive Foundational Teacher Training Program with Corina Benner, Felicia Graham Comisar and Kate DeRosa Howell.  Fueled by love and the desire to learn more, Vanessa continued her studies in Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Corina Benner and an introduction to Vedic Thai Massage with Mukti.

No matter if you can put your feet behind your head or you can’t touch your toes, there is always room for you on the yoga team.