Tracy Phoenix

IMG_1117Tracy found yoga through a career in dance and movement.  Vinyasa and Bikram Yoga not only complimented her performance, but prevented injury.  Vinyasa flow felt like home as it has a dance-like sensibility, which is the reason she gravitated toward that being her foundational practice.  Every one of her classes is unique.  The classes develop organically; depending on the student’s’ needs, experience level, and overall energy of the group.  The students will feel the importance of integrating the spiritual and philosophical teachings of yoga while mindfully synchronizing breath and movement.  She encourages her students to work towards their ‘edge’ on the yoga mat, which motivates them to work towards their goals off the yoga mat.  She prides herself on making her classes accessible for everyone.  She offers a slow and deep practice for beginners, yet challenging to even the most seasoned practitioners.  Tracy uses inspiring music to help move the practice through a seamless, graceful flow.  She is constantly learning and absorbing yogic life through the eyes of others.  She is grateful for all the workshops, nationally recognized teachers, students and self-practice, allowing her the opportunity to create a life on and off the mat for herself.  Her teacher training certification from Wake Up Yoga of Philadelphia influenced her attention to proper alignment and truly honoring your own body, mind and spirit as one.  Yoga had the power to transform Tracy’s life and beliefs and sharing yoga has become one of her greatest joys.  Expect to leave her class feeling stronger, more flexible, balanced and most importantly, uplifted!  Come tend to your soul.