Sonni Schwartzbach

SonniwebsiteSonni first discovered yoga as a 14-year-old Theatre Major at her performing arts high school. Sun Salutations and breathing techniques were taught as a way to warm up the body and the mind for acting. Over the years yoga and meditation have helped her immensely in her career as a performer. It has also aided her in her relationships and her management of stress and time. Twelve years of practicing yoga has convinced Sonni that mindfulness and awareness of the body can greatly enhance whatever you are doing in life. Regardless of age, occupation, or physical ability, yoga can provide anyone in any phase of their lives with space to build resilience and joy in the very cells of their bodies.

In 2016 Sonni graduated from Wake Up Yoga’s 250 hour Foundational Teacher Training program under the nurturing guidance of Corina Benner, Felicia Graham COmisar, Laura Edoff, and Stephanie Berliner. She has also completed a 20-hour training in Trauma-Sensitive Yoga and intends to dive deeper into yoga therapeutics. Her classes are slow yet steady, with emphasis on the breath, present moment sensations, and maintaining a sense of playfulness. She believes that yoga poses can and should be suited to the practitioner, rather than conforming the body to suit an idealized version of a pose. Sonni lives in Mantua, with her guitars and her books. Besides yoga, music is Sonni’s other lifelong love. and you can find her regularly playing guitar and singing around town.