Sarah Kowalski

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Sarah’s devotion to yoga is intimately bound up with the experience of becoming a parent. She had been practicing yoga for several years, but it was during pregnancy that she came to depend on a steady yoga practice to relieve the aches and pains of a changing body. As her physical practice deepened, she noticed that yoga also seemed to be helping her find a sense of calm, gratitude, and peace amidst the stress of a changing life. After the birth of her daughter, Sarah came to see her yoga mat as a sacred place to practice being the self–and the mother–she most deeply wanted to be. Whether it was at those cherished Mommy & Me classes, or just downstairs in the living room while the baby was napping, yoga became a way to practice bravery, honesty, compassion, acceptance, and love.

Sarah K seatedIn 2014, Sarah completed her 250-hour certificate at Wake Up Yoga, where she is immensely grateful to have had the opportunity to study with the reverent, skillful, and wise guidance of Corina Benner, Felicia Graham Comisar, and Kate DeRosa Howell, as well as many other inspiring teachers. Sarah’s own approach to teaching is driven by a commitment to help her students integrate the powerful tools of yoga into their everyday lives, to tune into their own bodies, hearts, and minds, and ultimately to become their own best teachers. As the mother of a toddler and the daughter of a beloved mom with severe arthritis, Sarah firmly believes that yoga has something to offer everyone and every body, and is excited to continue learning and sharing her discoveries with students of all ages.