Sarah Kowalski

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“Never underestimate the power of compassionately recognizing what’s going on.” – Pema Chodron

Sarah Kowalski has been practicing yoga for over a decade, and teaching since 2014. Her devotion to yoga is rooted in her experience that, through moving our bodies and studying our breath, we can build a deeply relevant mindfulness practice that strengthens our ability to meet the changing realities of life with kindness, presence, and resilience.

Sarah tends to bring a slow, somatic, restorative component into most of her classes—viewing yoga practice as a time to build strength and mobility in our bodies, but also as a much-needed opportunity to slow down enough to see below the surface of our daily lives. To allow ourselves to relax enough to compassionately observe what’s actually going on—in our bodies, in our breath, in our thoughts, in our lives—instead of rushing past, trying to get someplace else.

Through detailed, invitational language and accessible but often novel movement sequences, she hopes to teach classes that create kind-hearted connection to present-moment sensations, and to hold space for you to meet the weird little nuances and synapses that make you unique. Ultimately, Sarah views yoga practice as a system for feeling more deeply at home in our bodies, minds, and lives. Which, along with the world around us, are always changing—so yoga practice also becomes a path of continuous learning and discovery.

Above all, Sarah is a voracious and lifelong learner. In addition to her foundational vinyasa training at Wake Up Yoga, she has completed certifications in prenatal and restorative yoga, and complements her yoga practice with study of biomechanics, somatics, natural movement, and mind-body connections. She has completed several advanced trainings in yoga therapeutics and anatomy, and has been studying yoga asana, mythology, and philosophy with Zhenja La Rosa since 2015. Most recently, Sarah trained in the Roll Model® method (a system of self-myofascial release using therapy balls, created by Jill Miller) with Trina Altman, and is working toward becoming a fully certified teacher of the method.Sarah K seated

As a teacher, she hopes to invite you into an embodied, sensory inquiry into how your own muscles and bones, mind and breath work together, in real time—so that you can keep bringing your awareness home to the present moment and waking up your innate capacity to savor your life, moment to moment, while you’re actually living it.