Jennifer Nehila

yoga photo wake up 1Wake Up Yoga has been Jennifer’s yoga hOMe since 2004, and she loves that the vibe here is warm, friendly and welcoming.

The more years Jennifer continues to practice, the simpler her practice becomes. She believes simplicity is a virtue when it comes to this gift of yoga. Jennifer is a self-proclaimed yoga hopper, practicing all over the city with so many gifted teachers. While she loves a good sweaty practice, she’s learned that just because you can practice a pose…doesn’t always mean you …should. Sometimes the simplest of shapes are the most lovely and humbling. Her classes are balanced but challenging–believing there’s a time for every practice, and there’s room for everyone here on the mat: If you are type-A and your growth edge is to step back a bit, come to your mat. If your growth edge is to be tentative, come dip your toe ever so gently into the deep end. Sometimes the hardest thing is to practice child’s pose when you’re dying to kick up into handstand. ‘Practice….and All is coming…’