Felicia Comisar

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I love planting seeds physically, mentally and emotionally on the mat for students to take off the mat and into the world to plant and nurture.

Felicia seated.resizedFelicia believes that yoga is an amazing system and that everyone comes to it from a different angle and takes away different benefits. She started practicing yoga in 2003 and it was love at first Raja Kapotasana (sleeping pigeon). Already active with swimming and biking, Felicia found yoga added a tremendous sense of joy and well-being to her life. Even before diving into the philosophical side of yoga, she experienced an increase in patience and focus, as well as myriad health-related benefits. Curious to learn more, Felicia started reading about yoga and studying with different teachers. The more she read, the more drawn she was to yoga as a path to health and happiness and as a way to positively inform and transform all aspects of her life. It quickly became clear to Felicia that her vinyasa teachers who trained with Corina Benner at Wake Up Yoga were closer to the source. She decided that she wanted to share this amazing practice and path with as many people as possible, so in the summer of 2009 she applied to join the 250-hour vinyasa yoga teacher training program at Wake Up Yoga, where she had the privilege to study under the loving guidance of Corina Benner, Victoria Ladd, and Julie Pogachefsky (of Jai! Yoga). Felicia was thrilled to be able to follow up the vinyasa foundational training with Yin Teacher Training, taught by Corina Benner, and Restorative Yoga Teacher Training with Karen Safire. The styles complement each other and have added a new level of depth to her practice, teaching, and life. Felicia is very grateful for the opportunity to share her knowledge and love of yoga with students as she continues to study and practice. Taking students on a journey with their breath and their body, as well as sharing the wisdom of her teachers, fills Felicia with joy and reverence. She respects the differences in all of us and strives to offer options that invite students to open up on multiple levels as they consider their interconnectedness with all things. She believes we should resist taking anything too seriously, especially ourselves, as we process all that we learn through our own internal wisdom. She is honored to have the opportunity to plant seeds physically, mentally, and emotionally for students to take with them off their mat and into the world to nurture and grow.