Elliot Polinsky


Elliot found yoga while working as a stablehand after finishing his Master’s degree in English. He would wake early, throw breakfast hay to the horses, and try to picture how a satisfying, differently balanced life might look. During this time he took his first vinyasa class at Wake Up Yoga. He liked it so much! In the years since he’s found that the more yoga he does, the more interesting, challenging and, frankly, fun the practice becomes. Yoga, including meditation and breath exercise, became a basic part of his life.

He feels lucky to have teacher trained at Wake Up Yoga with Corina Benner, Felicia Graham Comisar and Kate DeRosa Howell. Taking his lead from these teachers, he strives to create an environment where students feel safe to press against their boundaries without feeling lost or overwhelmed.  Always happy to pass on what he learns, Elliot believes that yoga is not just for people with inherently flexible limbs— which he knows, since he did not have thoseRather, if you challenge yourself responsibly, you can find your way into postures that never seemed possible. Maybe more to the point, the self-trust, physical strength, and mental balance that slowly form as practice deepens come to transcend the mat and enrich life as a whole.

Elliot hopes that some of the joy he’s found in yoga resonates through his vinyassa classes. He is always excited to be teaching at Wake Up Yoga.