Bernie Malin

Bernie hanumanasana

Bernie seated resizedHaving practiced yoga for several years at home, Bernie really thought she had it down.  However, it wasn’t until she walked into Wake Up Yoga that she did just that, she woke up.  Yoga began to make sense and as a result it changed her life.  In Wake Up Yoga, Bernie found a home.  Spending so much of her time working, surviving, and taking care of others she started to learn how to live.  Quickly becoming a devotee of the practice and the teachers, soon she was noticed by one teacher who began to tell her that she was capable of doing things that she did not know possible.  That confidence began to translate both on and off the mat to the point where she eventually enrolled in the Teacher Training Program which she completed in 2014.  This became a labor of love as she felt it important to be present and to demonstrate that yoga is non-discriminatory and that age should never hold you back.  Bernie’s love of yoga is evidenced in her relationships with her teachers and fellow students whom she adores.  She firmly believes that it is in giving that we receive.  Just as she has received the attention and the benefits through mindful, loving instruction, her focus is to share that with others and help them to awaken their own gifts.  She is continually thankful to Corina Benner for creating such an amazing community.  She knows that with the love and support of Corina along with her mentors Nicole, Felicia, and Kate she has found and embraced her joy.