Anna Henderer

annahendererheadshotAn avid traveler and gypsy at heart, Anna’s yoga practice first began as an exploration. No matter where in the world she was, Anna found yoga studios and teachers to practice with and learn from. Anna recognized that every time she came to her mat, she became more grounded, even as she was constantly on the move.

Then in 2013, Anna found roots in Philadelphia when she moved to the Fairmount area. Wake Up Yoga was right down the street and the very first studio she came to practice at upon her return to the States. Wake Up has felt like home ever since and served as the place where she really began to deepen her practice. In the spring of 2016, Anna completed the 250-hour Foundational Vinyasa Teacher Training Program at Wake Up Yoga, under the nurturing and supportive guidance of Corina Benner, Felicia Graham Comisar, Laura Edoff and Stephanie Berliner.

Anna, wholeheartedly, believes in the power of yoga to transform one’s life in all aspects: physically, mentally and spiritually. As a yoga teacher, Anna is so grateful she is able to share this healing practice with others. She is looking forward to seeing where this path takes her, as she finishes her masters studies in Public Health at Drexel University, where she is working to develop programs that encourage and promote yoga and more holistic practices, making them accessible to everyone.