Substitute Policy

All of the teachers at Wake Up Yoga are highly trained, tremendously skilled, and very passionate about yoga. Our teachers largely advance from our Teacher Training program, and all of us LOVE Wake Up Yoga. We are each committed to the classes we teach, and excited to share the practice with every student who rolls out a mat. Circumstances occasionally arise in which each of us will need a substitute teacher. None of us treats this matter lightly, and we do our best to find a substitute who will take very good care of everyone in the class. We do not, however, advertise when there will be substitute teacher. We make this choice for these reasons:

1.) We want you to practice yoga! If you know in advance that your beloved teacher won’t be there, you may decide to skip the mat. This will cheat you (and everyone who knows you!) out of the benefits of practice, and also deny you the opportunity to experience a different teacher … one whom you may also grow to love!
2.) We think it’s unfair for another teacher to give up his or her free time to help out a colleague by covering a class, only to have most regular students decide to take the day off.
3.) We want to encourage Vairagya: non-attachment. We want you to be inspired by your beloved teacher, but not dependent upon him or her. In the end, only you can practice yoga for yourself. Our aim is to help awaken your inner teacher.
4.) We would not be able to consistently and effectively post all substitute teachers. Sometimes there is a great deal of advance notice for a substitute, at other times emergencies arise. We don’t want you to count on us for something we believe we cannot fulfill.

If you ever arrive at class only to discover a substitute teacher, please know that you always have the choice to leave and come back next week. But if you’re willing to stick around, yoga always works!