About Our Studio

Wake Up Yoga is a Vinyasa (flow-style) and Yin (passive yoga) studio with three locations: the original, in the heart of the Fairmount neighborhood of Philadelphia, on East Passyunk Avenue in South Philly, and our newest location is in Rittenhouse Square in Center City Philadelphia on the 3rd floor of the Adrienne Theater building. Our spaces are warm and inviting, the walls are the color of butternut squash, the teachers are excellent…and the community rocks!

We offer various styles of practice: from a slow & steady pace to more active & physically challenging flows, to yin and restorative yoga classes. The classes are thoughtful, well-rounded and tailored to who is present; they are founded on mindfulness, inspired by heartfulness, and aim toward wakefulness. Our teachers are certified, kind, highly skilled and devoted to the path of yoga.

We know that people who are ‘beginners’ to yoga come from vast and varied backgrounds. And we know that beginners, as well as seasoned practitioners, come to yoga for varied reasons seeking different experiences. Rather than levels, our class names describe the mood and feeling of the class, and beginners are always welcome. Find the description that matches the tempo you are looking for, and rest assured that the teacher will offer variations and modifications as needed.

We believe in the power of heating yourSelf up from the inside out in a comfortable environment, and aim to keep the studios between 72 – 75 degrees year round.

Do it for yourself; do it for the people you love!

Practicing yoga creates space in your body, mind and heart. It works to dissolve anxiety and stress by giving you a fresh perspective, and a chance to move your amazing body: balancing your endocrine system, boosting your immune system, enhancing circulation, flexibility, strength and endurance, and giving you the opportunity to breathe deeply. It opens you up to the possibility of really enjoying your life, and it just might make you even more fun to be around. Get out of your head, get into your body, and feel the breath animate as you flow through the practice. Allow the sun of your heart to rise into the blue-sky space of your mind, illuminating your inherent grace so that you shine with your own, unique brilliance.

And yoga is perfect for you wherever you are in your life. You needn’t already be flexible or fit; you don’t have to be a vegetarian or change your faith; you don’t have to be different than you are to enjoy tremendous benefits by practicing yoga.