108 Sun Salutations for the New Year

Taught by Kiran Matsko
Wake Up Yoga South
Saturday, January 6th * 12noon – 3pm
Tuition: $20

The number 108 is considered by many to be sacred: Mala prayer beads are strung in groups of 108; there are 108 Upanishads, the sacred Vedic texts; and the average distane of the Sun to the Moon and the Earth is 108 times their respective diamerters. Yogis often practice 108 Sun Salutations at a time of celebration, the changing of the season or to mark a point of rebirth. Kiran Matsko is excited to offer the Wake Up Yoga cOMmunity the opportunity to commit to this practice at the beginning of 2018. The start of a new year is often a time for contemplation of goals, and what better way than a sequence of Sun Salutations to recommit to your yoga practice, health and well-being? Challenge the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of your practice as you move through nine rounds of twelve sun salutations, with time and space built in for rest in child’s pose, to gather your energy or re-focus your mind. Learn more and register.